Piano Practice

I spent the last few days practicing piano parts for the new songs; recording them with the help of musical instrument digital interface is one thing; playing them properly is another. I need to know what I’m doing as I’ll be playing them to tape on a real piano come the recording so no mistakes permitted. In truth I’m finding it all a bit of a challenge, that old right hand not knowing what the left hands doing. Typically my … Read More >>

Bath Gig cancelled due to dental drama

I’ve had to cancel tonight’s gig at the Porter Cellar Bar in Bath as I have an infection following Fridays dental extraction and really I could do without such complications, that and the swelling. What’s more I just got another tooth filled which surprised me no end as all I was expecting was drugs. That makes five injections in two weeks and yes I am counting, as you do. I can only offer my apologies to anyone who’d planned to … Read More >>


Last nights Shrewsbury gig at The Albert was touch and go really but in the end there was more touching than going. I drove the scenic route which took forever, something I swore I’d never do again after Craig [Gannon] and I got so properly lost awhile ago; still it’s a pretty drive if you like that kind of thing. I make a mental note to use the motorway on return. I get to venue in plenty of time; my … Read More >>

Moaning On

I’ve given up with the diary blog connection so this link will have to suffice. Web stuff never seems to work properly with me; it’s always been like that. Perhaps I never expect it to and there’s a kind of self fulfilling prophetic element at play, who knows. It really depresses me sometimes and I think this is one of them. Perhaps it’s because I have no interest in how these things actually work, I’d rather read a book or … Read More >>

Vinny Blogs

The diary on the site remains down so this will have to for now and let’s face it a blog is a blog is a blog. I’ve been using a site feed thing that links the pages of https://vinnypeculiar.com/wp2020/ diary with a blogger feed but somehow after the recent hard drive wipe out all connectivity seems a challenge. I will have to consult the experts next week but this might work just as well so feel free to let me … Read More >>

Web Site Wobbler

A few people have emailed me to tell me the site https://vinnypeculiar.com/wp2020/ is showing stuff from August 2007 and they’d be about right and of course it’s all my fault. I forgot to pay the server host people who wiped everything from their hard drive leaving me with an older version of the site. I appear not to have saved the local files, so not good really, still all this should be remedied soon, although it’ll probably take me awhile.… Read More >>

props and pages

I’ve just had the web site go down on me, like Elton John’s sun…so I thought I’d start another blog page and this is it. So hello and welcome to anyone chancing upon this here confessional. The problem that caused the https://vinnypeculiar.com/wp2020/ site to fail was unsurprisingly my fault. The server renewals notice got ignored so the content went up in cyber smoke. It’s annoying but I still have a version here on the hard drive although a lot of… Read More >>
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