The Room

Well you did ask…It’s at the front of the house and most of my clutter and stuff is in here. Two computers, several guitars, assorted recording equipment and boxes of CDs. Hundreds of them stashed beneath the desk I got in the bargain basement at Ikea and all waiting to be sold.

There are flyers collected from gigs I’ve played, posters likewise, 7 and 12 inch vinyl records, a wi-fi router, several keyboards some of retrospective specification, an 8 channel … Read More >>

Numb Drum

The mouse traps remain set but nothing has been caught which is a great relief really. One of them did go off by mistake the other night although it was early evening so we didn’t hear it. I am finishing off here from the last time but alas it’s not very interesting. I feel strangely numb today, comfortably so even, like a Pink Floyd song.

I’ve spent an insular few weeks here in solitary confinement. I do my part time … Read More >>


There is always somewhere to park a car in Glossop; you might well get done en route by the numerous speed cameras [Derbyshire is renown for them apparently] but for somewhere to park this place is pretty much the business so I park up on the road outside the venue in exactly the same spot as last time I played here. No tickets, no cost, no malicious parking police ticketeering types, how wonderful indeed. I like Glossop; I like the … Read More >>

Sounds from the other City

We were due to play twice, once at the pub and once on Salford Station platform but the station platform is off, well not exactly off but it is what you might call over subscribed due to some other stage not happening…festivals egh, don’t you just love them. This one is on the doorstep here in Salford and happening in several venues across town from Urbis to the Kings Arms and we are [Bonehead Craig and I] at the Salford … Read More >>

cults and culture

It’s been a bit of a week for culture what with going out twice in six days; but that’s rock n roll for you. Richard Dawkins was a joy to witness at his sold out show in Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall on Monday evening where he made me and many others truly proud to call themselves atheists. The talk was lifted pretty much note for note from his book The God Delusion, a book that has got any number of the … Read More >>

Piano Practice

I spent the last few days practicing piano parts for the new songs; recording them with the help of musical instrument digital interface is one thing; playing them properly is another. I need to know what I’m doing as I’ll be playing them to tape on a real piano come the recording so no mistakes permitted. In truth I’m finding it all a bit of a challenge, that old right hand not knowing what the left hands doing. Typically my … Read More >>

Bath Gig cancelled due to dental drama

I’ve had to cancel tonight’s gig at the Porter Cellar Bar in Bath as I have an infection following Fridays dental extraction and really I could do without such complications, that and the swelling. What’s more I just got another tooth filled which surprised me no end as all I was expecting was drugs. That makes five injections in two weeks and yes I am counting, as you do. I can only offer my apologies to anyone who’d planned to … Read More >>


Last nights Shrewsbury gig at The Albert was touch and go really but in the end there was more touching than going. I drove the scenic route which took forever, something I swore I’d never do again after Craig [Gannon] and I got so properly lost awhile ago; still it’s a pretty drive if you like that kind of thing. I make a mental note to use the motorway on return. I get to venue in plenty of time; my … Read More >>

Moaning On

I’ve given up with the diary blog connection so this link will have to suffice. Web stuff never seems to work properly with me; it’s always been like that. Perhaps I never expect it to and there’s a kind of self fulfilling prophetic element at play, who knows. It really depresses me sometimes and I think this is one of them. Perhaps it’s because I have no interest in how these things actually work, I’d rather read a book or … Read More >>

Vinny Blogs

The diary on the site remains down so this will have to for now and let’s face it a blog is a blog is a blog. I’ve been using a site feed thing that links the pages of https://vinnypeculiar.com/wp2020/ diary with a blogger feed but somehow after the recent hard drive wipe out all connectivity seems a challenge. I will have to consult the experts next week but this might work just as well so feel free to let me … Read More >>

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