Small Acts of Unforgetting

The striking artwork for ‘While You Still Can’ was created by Manchester photographer  and long term VP collaborator Paul Cliff. The images come from a series entitled ‘Small Acts of Unforgetting’ The six pinhole camera images depict the present locations of addresses held by young men from Bury, Lancashire, killed in the first world war. Each of the young men has a dedication on the sleeve notes. In some small way the record acknowledges their sacrifice. Paul has made … Read More >>

Question Time

Here’s the brand new video for QUESTION TIME, taken from the new album WHILE YOU STILL CAN, a story song of sorts, a missing politician, the songs narrator under suspicion. Directed by Somerset film guru Richard Tomlinson with Glastonbury actor Katherine Ashworth stealing the sublime light. Hope you enjoy, please do share with friends if you can, tis always appreciated VPx

I was also lovely to hear Man Out of Time played on Gideon Coe’s BBC Radio 6 Music … Read More >>

Classic Rock

Not only is this Classic Rock Review of WHILE YOU STILL CAN beautifully succinct and flatteringly put together [the other bard of Salford is of course Dr John Cooper Clarke] but sits alongside two of my all time favourite artists Robin Hitchcock and Andy Partridge, the album is available right here right now… 

 …

New reviews review…

Some smartly written reviews coming in over the last few days,  from John Clarkson at Penny Black Music, Shindig Magazine, a nice little mention in Record Collector and a review in SLAP MAGAZINE. And theres a new video release for QUESTION TIME [ taken from WHILE YOU STILL CAN] coming on 15th Nov 2019. I will post here there and everywhere then, any re posts tweets and likes and comments always appreciated, thus tis the modern way. … Read More >>

New Album Release Details & Reviews

In case you missed the mail out here it is, and thanks as ever for the support and for checking in here…

I’m very pleased to say the new Vinny Peculiar album ‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN’ is out today Monday 28th October 2019 on 12’ Vinyl

[includes a download code] Digi Pack CD, via the VP STORE or via Bandcamp. It’s also available to download from iTunes, Amazon and many other online music providers. It’s also … Read More >>


I’m totally thrilled to report that the vinyl copies of the new album ‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN’ have arrived here and will be dispatched to all who have pre ordered on Monday14th October, thats a couple of weeks ahead of the digital release date of 28.10.19. The package includes a digital download code which should be available to utilise on the official day of release. I’ve played the record a couple of times here and it sounds great, there’s something … Read More >>


I’m pleased to report that the pre orders of the new album ‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN’ have been sent, please let me know when they arrive and feel free to announce on social media as every little helps. The CDs look great, the artwork by Paul Cliff is truly wonderful and comes from a series of images he created on the themes of loss and lost lives specifically the lives of young soldiers from the Bury & Prestwich area killed … Read More >>

Say it With Garage Flowers – new interview

My interview with Sean Hannon talking new album ideas, guitar heroes and and amateur political theory…

‘These are torrid times – this album is a reaction to that’ September 22, 2019sayitwithgarageflowersLeave a comment

Vinny Peculiar is doing it while he still can… The West Midlands-based singer-songwriter’s new album – While You Still Can – is a socio-political record that takes a wry look at the current state of the UK, but also throws in some references to ’70s … Read More >>

Vote for Me

The second video taken from the new album WHILE YOU STILL CAN [due 28.10.19]  is ‘Vote for Me‘, the track opens the new album setting the atmosphere before the noise kicks in. It was shot in a deserted garage beyond the beatific fringes of The Forrest of Dean by longterm VP collaborator Andy Squiff and features a blonde politician gently imploding. You get the idea. I hope you enjoy the track, and please do feel free to share the video. … Read More >>

New Album Pre Order

I’m thrilled to announce the new Vinny Peculiar album WHILE YOU STILL CAN will come out 28.10.19, its a harder rockier and in parts darker VP record than previous releases. It’s available on 12”Vinyl [which includes download code] on Digi Pack CD and to download from iTunes, Amazon and the likes. It’ll also be available to stream via Spotify. Its available to pre order via BANDCAMP or from the VP website. Please do support it if you can and … Read More >>

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