A couple more demos for the new album WR3 added in the last few days, ‘Detroitwich’  tells the story of a perilous trip to the Worcestershire heartlands for US rap superstar EMINEM. ‘On Rainbow Hill’ reflects on a love beyond all reasonable doubt, if such a thing exists… Both songs will feature on the new VP record WR3 and the recording of will be properly underway end of Jan 2017. I will advise where and when and with whom shortly. … Read More >>


After the weekends return to Widnes Ring O Bells, where I first performed in 2004, my good friend Greg Oldfield, host and class A soul rebel mentioned he had a video of that very gig and here it is. Many thanks Greg for sending it on. Its twelve years old, the between song stuff is a little cringey, the performances are definitely more punky, more angular, and  less tuneful if you want to get picky, the hair in face thing … Read More >>

Debut Band Show Silver Meadows

Rob and I just did a couple of lovely intimate shows, one in Widnes the other in Chester, if you were there or there about thanks for the support, we really enjoyed them. Shame the English Motorway System was in total meltdown, a five hour drive to Widnes and a 5 hour drive home from Chester on Saturday didn’t help but I’m not about to start moaning here. The good news is we are playing all of the SILVER MEADOWS … Read More >>

More from WR3

The latest  demos for the new album are being added to Soundcloud, I’ll probably end up re recording these in the new year once the new band has a had a chance to play them live,  the new band is very much in embryo, once its all sorted I’ll be making announcements, so to speak and hopefully putting shows together for next year as well as a few local dates sooner than that. The new album is very much themed … Read More >>

Scotland Liverpool Blackpole

Rob and I just played a lovely show at The Stables in Cricklade,  a great little venue if you’re ever passing. Coming up we have a couple of gigs in Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh then back to Liverpool for a gig at Naked Lunch Cafe on Smithdown Road. The cafe formerly known as Ate Days a Week or Geds Cafe has had a total refurbishment. Ged died earlier in the year and the transformation of the cafe is tribute to … Read More >>

New VP September Dates added

New dates added for September 16 – more details here all shows with Rob Steadman on keys…hope to see you there or there abouts x


WR3 & The Singing Schoolteacher

I’ve not long finished a series of songs that reflect my return to the Midlands, its been a cathartic August writing and recording demos and I hope to have the album ready for next years release. I’m just planning the recording proper, I’ll update everyone when I know and try and film and share something of the process [which I always mean to do but never seem to get around to]. Heres a song from the new collection [working title … Read More >>

The Next Days

Hello all

Hope the summer is heating you up nicely

A few developments here to note, firstly the Silver Meadows album release – the record has been out a couple of months now and I’d just like to say a huge thanks to those people who have bought it, it means a lot and its much appreciated.

If you haven’t bought it yet here are some links. It really is quite the most considered and conceptually rewarding record I’ve made, … Read More >>

New Video Promo

Here we have a new video with SILVER MEADOWS song excerpts press quotes and some pointers to the stories,  please like share and comment if you have a few moments to spare. The record is making a few waves here and there, press wise so far so good, radio we theres been some but its almost impossible to sustain it given the huge competition from a million pluggers and majors and the usual who knows who. I’m hugely proud of … Read More >>

Silver Meadows Reviews Update

Silver Meadows is out now and attracting some very fine reviews some of which I’ve gathered up here for your perusal. Daily Mirror 4/5 Americana -UK 9/10 Irish Times 4/5 Enola 9/10 The best place to buy a CD is here from the VP site, or if you prefer to download its on  iTunes, Amazon and most of the major platforms…you can also listen to audio samples here – A massive thanks to everyone who’s made the … Read More >>