Irish Dates Announced

Thrilled to announce I’ll be supporting the fabulously talented Duke Special in Dublin on Sat 1st December at Liberty Hall Theatre, ticket link HERE and at Elmwood Hall Belfast on Sat 8th Dec ticket link HERE. These will be duo shows with Rob Steadman [back in action after mat leave] on keys. It’ll be touch n go whether I’ll be fit enough to play guitar but either way we’ll adapt the gigs to suit. Its been a good … Read More >>

New Review – Whisperin n Hollerin

Later than anticipated heres a really well put together Review by Marin Raybould at Whisperin n Hollerin  of ‘Return Of The Native’  –  Label: ‘Shadrack & Duxbury –  Genre: ‘Indie’ –  Release Date: ‘Ist June 2018’-  Catalogue No: ‘SADCD013’

Our Rating:   8/10

Vinny Peculiar’s quirky pseudonym is likely to give a false impression. Although clearly a square peg in a round hole, when it comes to fitting in with ‘ordinary’ life, there’s no studied eccentricity or attempted exaggeration of his … Read More >>

On Yer Bike

After mistaking a kerb for a road I managed to crash my bike on the Liverpool Waterfront on Sunday 28th Oct. The resulting broken arm has merited the cancellation of forthcoming gigs,  a sling, painkillers and several restful weeks lined up by way of recuperation. Its painfully annoying but I suppose it could have been much worse. I blame the low sun, the glistening lights and the bizarre colouring of pavement and road both grey making it near impossible to … Read More >>

Gigs Update Oct November 2018

October & November gigs ….

Saturday 27th October we are over the water at Thornton Hough Village Hall, Wirral. Its been a long time since I played Wirral, looking forward to it having heard amazing things about the venue – tickets are just 5.00 and available here – Support comes from the wonderful Buffalo Riot

Wednesday 14th November I’m opening for Amy Rigby  at Gullivers, Oldham Street, Manchester. Tickets here     

Sat 17th November I play Davenham Theatre, Northwich Cheshire tickets Read More >>

Rock n Reel Review

Here’s a nice new review from ROCK N REEL MAGAZINE of Return of the Native, nicely put together by Boff Whalley, July 2018.  Read More >>


Thrilled to get a highly commendable 4/5 star review in The Irish Times from the esteemed pen of Tony Clayton Lea. The album is available to buy/stream from Bandcamp or from this site    

Album: Return of the Native

Artist: Vinny Peculiar

Label: Shadrack & Duxbury

Genre: Rock

Let’s hear it for the man who has the wisdom to name his record label after the fictional undertakers firm in Keith Waterhouse’s 1959 novel, Billy Liar. And join the dots, if you … Read More >>

New Reviews

Three new review highlights for RETURN OF THE NATIVE this week from Mike Davies at folking.com ; Mike Ainscoe at Fatea Records and from John Clarkson at Penny Place Music The album seems to be gong down a treat so far. Lets hope it continues, I never take these things for granted. RETURN OF THE NATIVE is available on CD from this here site and to download from all the usual digital music suppliers including Amazon and iTunes. Theres also Read More >>

Return of the Native 1.6.18

Excited to announce that the new album ‘Return of the Native’ comes out on 1st June 2018. The release date was set back a month on the advice of my press agents Piranha in an attempt to synchronise dates and timings regarding magazine reviews. I guess we’ll see how much of an impact it has as we go on. The record can be bought on CD from the VP store or downloaded from the usual iTunes, amazon and the … Read More >>

All Kinds Of Everything

Dearest blog/diary readers the new album Return of the Native is coming of age June 1st 2018. We’ve been playing songs from it at recent gigs and they are going down really well. Reviews are starting to trickle in including a cover image and some lovely words from Will Munn in SLAP MAGAZINE  


So here’s another gentle pitch to remind anyone who hasn’t yet to buy it. Its available on a rather plush digi -pack CD from the VP Read More >>

Return of the Native

New album ‘Return of the Native‘ is now here in the physical sense , you can listen stream and pre order via the Bandcamp link, or pre order the CD directly via the site –  pre ordered CDs will be released end of April. Please do support  and share with friends and of course spreading the word on social media is always appreciated. The band on the album are the same band I’ve used for the last three releases. … Read More >>

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