Piano Practice

I spent the last few days practicing piano parts for the new songs; recording them with the help of musical instrument digital interface is one thing; playing them properly is another. I need to know what I’m doing as I’ll be playing them to tape on a real piano come the recording so no mistakes permitted. In truth I’m finding it all a bit of a challenge, that old right hand not knowing what the left hands doing. Typically my approach in recording studios is kind of spontaneous and happy go lucky with parts getting written as I go along…not this time though, this time I’ll need to have done my homework. I like to think this new found fastidiousness will pay off and we’ll make a truly great album, something to be really proud of. Rob and I are keen to get everything boxed off so we don’t spend age’s faffing around with ideas. It sounds like a decent plan but I’m sure there will be some that going on too, just not as much as usual. This will also make the project more affordable as we’re not signed to EMI or anything like that.

The hit list includes… The Songwriters [dedication in the face of adversity], Inertia [a daily grind monotony paean], Imagine [piss take time again], Uniform [dressing up is hard to do], Actions Speak Louder Than Thoughts [just do it], Nurse of the Year [couldn’t care less], Success [nobody said it was gonna be easy], To Hell with Fashion [sweat shop monopoly corporate creep], Perfect Song [is about as perfect as it gets], Pathetic Lament [goodbye impossible love], Welfare Statement [authentic lazy public sector doss house blues]…

I’ll go into more detail when the time is right…don’t want to witter on too much, I’ll only put myself off.

Tomorrow night I’m going to see Edwyn Collins here at the Academy, Edwyn’s been seriously ill as you’re probably aware and this is a bit like a comeback tour. It should be great; he’s doing all the old hits so Nick tells me. I supported him in Brum a few years ago and he was very sweet to me. It was the gig I got entangled in the drapes I seem to recall, all very embarrassing but in a good way. VP

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