Pop Music for Ugly People

Well here we go again its new album release time soon so I’m doing the usual online notifications. The album title  WHILE YOU STILL CAN  comes from one of my dads favourite expressions about ‘doing something useful while you still can’. Not that I think he would have liked it that much but he would have appreciated the effort! The record seemed to take on a few political themes as the writing moved forward, I guess I’ve been watching and wailing with the rest at the political crisis we face, the lunacy of Brexit, the vanity of social media, Trump on twitter, everyone on everything else. So I think this new record is in part a response to all that. I’ve also indulged my love of hard rock guitars  [I grew up in the era of guitar heroes]. I should add not all of it is politically themed, some is more or less typical VP, whatever that means…

Heres the first video Pop Music for Ugly People, 4 minutes of graphic anarchy from the fabulously subversive Hot Frog Animations, I love their dystopian cartoonery, the title comes from the oft quoted ‘Politics is just show business for ugly people’ its a study of sorts into political opportunism, greed, corruption, lies, all the usual traits…do feel free to share with friends, thanks ever so Vx



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