I’m pleased to report that the pre orders of the new album ‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN’ have been sent, please let me know when they arrive and feel free to announce on social media as every little helps. The CDs look great, the artwork by Paul Cliff is truly wonderful and comes from a series of images he created on the themes of loss and lost lives specifically the lives of young soldiers from the Bury & Prestwich area killed in the first world war. The poignant album images depict the locations of their former homes as they are today. A postcard collection of these images  and others from the series is currently in production and will be available to purchase soon.

Vinyl copies of the album are still in transition [I’m reliably informed] but should be with me shortly in time to dispatch for release date 28.10.19. I’m especially excited to be doing this new record on Vinyl please do support the release if you possibly can. Pre order links are here 

Finally here’s a lovely German Review/Interview of the album from

best VPx

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