Sounds from the other City

We were due to play twice, once at the pub and once on Salford Station platform but the station platform is off, well not exactly off but it is what you might call over subscribed due to some other stage not happening…festivals egh, don’t you just love them. This one is on the doorstep here in Salford and happening in several venues across town from Urbis to the Kings Arms and we are [Bonehead Craig and I] at the Salford Arms; it’s early in the evening on this bank holiday Sunday. The place is well rammed la…there you go, bit of ye olde scouse vernacular creeping there. We all arrive separately but on time and I manage to refuse several offers of cigarettes despite the extreme temptation. I am an addict I tell myself, I am in recovery and I will not surrender. I feel like I’m on licence from The Priory in my head, and lets face it, fags are the devils evil pleasure, the kill you ever so softly, the hardest drug to kick, ask sir David Bowie, ask my Auntie Dot, ask anyone who ever has loved the demon weed. I’m pleased to say I do not succumb. One day at a time and all that.

We rehearsed together for today’s show for exactly an hour this week at Boneheads new place which is close to the old place but not quite as remote. Of course we managed to get lost en route, it was all Craig’s fault, he has this kind of navigational by pass gene that kicks in whenever transport is involved and we spent far too much time talking about Joe Fossards Zoo and the little animals that live on the side of the motorway than actually concentrating on any directions. It took us an hour and a half to get there! Once we’d had some tea and a quick house tour which incorporated quality time drooling over the guitar collection the rehearsal was a breeze. Then we fled to Rusholme for a Samosa party in the car. I feel worn out from driving, when I get home I watch Mad Men which is truly wonderful, I love the era, the style, the feel and the vibe of the show man.

The gig is packed, the festival is sold out, none of us can figure out how to attach the wristbands provided so we make sure the guy on the door has some idea of who we are and that we need to come back in at some point. Karen is all set to take some pictures and the water has turned up. Result! I start the set at around 6.15pm; I’m on my own for the first four songs which are, for the record, A Man Afraid, Kiss Me I’m a Social Worker, Lazy Bohemians and Confessions of a Sperm Donor. Bone and Craig join me at this point for four more Peculiar classics [steady on now lad]… these are Jesus Stole My Girlfriend, Revolt into Style, Everlasting Teenage Bedroom and Greedy Scorpios. I really enjoyed the gig, the reaction was really positive, at one point during Revolt into Style I hit that kind of fused mind body spirit zone…I felt a bit euphoric, this was in part due to the springy stage and a strange desire to pogo…I nearly took off. After the gig Alison says hi and I go blank…I feel bad about that and I’m still trying to think of a good excuse as to why I was apparently unable to recognise her. Oh the heat of the moment and how it changes everything…just don’t tell me about it, until the next time VP x

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