Thanks Everyone

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has bought the new record ARTISTS ONLY from here or elsewhere, it means a lot. Thanks also if you’ve taken advantage of the Shadrack and Duxbury winter sale which is running on into February 2022, its a great way to discover the back catalogue with CDs £3.00 UK £6.00 overseas and Vinyl £15.00 UK & £25.00 overseas, cheap as chips really. The offer ends end of Feb. The vinyl pressing of ARTISTS ONLY should with us in the late summer I’m just waiting on artwork before its ordered. I’ll do a pre order link in the STORE once everything is set up.

Gigs are starting to come in please see the gig pages here for details, I’m especially looking forward to doing band shows again, its been awhile. The current line up of Joe Singh [drums] Simon Grove [bass] and Rob Steadman [keys] is starting to gel nicely even though our rehearsal schedules are some what challenged by distance. That and the struggle to find a decent rehearsal space. This was the line up that played on the in the round Marrs Bar recordings that I’ve posted on the site here, do have a look if you’ve not seen yet. There are also new videos here for ‘A Bigger Splash’ [shot by Richard Fox] and ‘Francis Bacon [shot by Andy Squiff]’. Take a look if you have chance, thanks VP x

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