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The diary on the site remains down so this will have to for now and let’s face it a blog is a blog is a blog. I’ve been using a site feed thing that links the pages of diary with a blogger feed but somehow after the recent hard drive wipe out all connectivity seems a challenge. I will have to consult the experts next week but this might work just as well so feel free to let me know if you can be arsed.

I was out and about yesterday playing the wedding singer in a dark and sensible suit for a delightful young couple in a well to do hotel boozer way up on the windswept moors down Oldham way. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been familiarising myself with the Belle and Sebastian, Cinerama and The Pet Shop Boys songs the happy couple had chosen for the occasion, it was a little challenge for me, and whilst I don’t do that much corporate work ha ha! I am more than happy engage in such antics in the name of light-entertainment [and a little hard cash]. It was a lot of fun really. I ended up playing the strolling minstrel in a crowded bar of guests in the interim between ceremony and meal murdering with kindness any number of classics by The beatles, Bowie, Dylan and the like. So there you; if you need someone to play at your do then just get in touch. I could be your very own Mr Bojangles!

The new single Lazy Bohemians is attracting a decent amount of interest, local press and radio backing the release, the Salford Lads Club connection [all proceeds go to the club] has not gone unnoticed. Tom Robinson played it the other night and a few other DJs are promising to do likewise. Needless to say it won’t be charting but lets hope we manage to raise a few bob. It’s most readily available via iTunes, Amazon and any number of others.

Has anyone been watching the current Comedy Drama series on BBC 4? I’m sure Sebastian has? This week it was ‘Most Sincerely’, the Hughie Green story with Trevor Eve. It was brilliantly done, I totally loved it. The abusive troubled Hughie, unloved by his father, indifferent to his own family, the scandal of his secret daughter, awesome self loathing and great sadness. Trevor Eve’s likeness was so very convincing, so moving, despite the slimish unlovable quality of the central character. The series just gets better and better. My grandma loved Opportunity Knocks, Bobby Crush was her favourite, and the infamous muscle man who painted himself silver was in fact a Salford Lads Club regular, I kid you not. Until the next time, VP

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