Vinyl Visions

The drama of the never ending vinyl release date of ARTISTS ONLY continues here with the pressing company advising yet further delays. I’ve made a quick film regarding it, shot by  Paul Tsanos at Smithdown Road Media, pre orders are now being taken from the STORE here. I will update this with more concrete information as soon as I can. Meanwhile I’ve been writing a recording new songs here which I may well put out as an EP before Christmas…we’ll see how the time goes, or where it goes or indeed who puts a spanner in the works ha.

Quick thanks to all who made our Joiners Gig so enjoyable, especially to the delicately splendid.  Sturmey Archers   Next band gig we have is Fri 21st Oct at Clap Trap in Stourbridge, meanwhile I play solo at Glastonberrow Family Festival just down the road in Inkberrow Sat 20th August. Ticket links for these and other shows via the gigs pages here. Best wishes as ever VP x

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