1976 and all that

We were smoking pot
On a park bench
In the grounds of
Bromsgrove County Council Offices
On a Saturday afternoon

We didn’t care and
We were stoned
The year was 1976
I was living with my parents at home

And you were a little older than me
And we had spent the previous night together
Living the beautiful dream

You told me you had never come in your life
You had only ever come close
And I held you all through the night
I made the tea and the toast

You told me about the power of mans love overcoming the love of man’s power and it seemed the most

Amazing time

You taught me how to roll a joint
And sewed patches on my Levis
You were my first love

And smoking pot openly
On a park bench
In the grounds of
Bromsgrove District council
On a Saturday afternoon
Is how I will always remember you

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