ARTISTS ONLY by Vinny Peculiar

Cat: SADCD015
Release Date: 10/01/2022
Formats: Gatefold eko CD/DL

 1 A Bigger Splash
2 Rothko
3 Pathetic Lament
4 Heavy Metal
5 Jack the Dripper

6 Francis Bacon
7 Man and his Shadow
8 Grayson
9 Fifteen Minutes
10 Perfect Song

UK singer songwriter Alan Wilkes aka Vinny Peculiar has been putting albums out for the past 20 years to considered critical acclaim. ARTISTS ONLY is his 14th studio release taking inspiration from the Art World from Pollock to Perry, Hockney to Rothko, Warhol to Bacon. There’s also the neo-classism of Pathetic Lament, teenage tales of heavy metal heartbreak, the quest for the “Perfect Song” and lockdown ballad ‘A Man And His Shadow’.Artists Only is a typically eclectic and forthright collection – elements of hard rock, blue eyed funk and pastoral chamber pop may well resonate with fans of Pulp, Denim, Bowie, Ray Davies, Luke Haines and Martin Newell.
First single is ‘A Bigger Splash’, release date 25.10.21 is inspired by a couples shared love of Hockney’s iconic image. Artists Only  adds further weight to the critically acclaimed recording career of the man formerly described as a “warm hearted Morrissey” [Q Magazine] an “unsung national treasure” [Uncut Magazine], and ‘the missing link between Jarvis Cocker and Roger McGough” [Irish Times].

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Assorted Press Quotes

Once again, this album reinforces the claim for Wilkes (and his alter ego) as one of the finest and most individual and literate voices in contemporary English music, a writer with an eye for the small detail as well as the big picture. “We all need a little more art in our life”, he sings. This is most definitely one to add to your collection. Mike Davies

‘Wry wit, incisive observations, touching humanity, and a 60s suburban English cultural sensibility (his label’s named from kitchen sink escapism drama Billy Liar), summoning comparisons to not only Ray Davies, but Babybird,  Jarvis Cocker, and Morrissey’ Gods in the Zine

‘If Tony Hancock had made pop records they’d have sounded like this’
– UNCUT MAGAZINE – Simon Goddard

‘A songwriter who deserves to be taken seriously’
Q Magazine – Jon Aizlewood

‘Wilkes is one of those few songwriters that can wring genuine smiles and pathos out of ordinary memories’ IRISH TIMES

‘When you listen to a Vinny Peculiar album you cannot help but think that you have come across his diary and as you sit and read it you feel both uncomfortable and wonderful all at once. His music is littered with the complex and yet everyday emotions that the masses go through and it is reassuring to know that we are not alone in our ponderings and self-analytical behaviour.’

‘Songwriting’s Angel of the Odd, Vinny Peculiar is like a celestial observer of the small, unseen dramas of daily life, delicate and delightful’.
– MEN Reviews

‘Like Vic Chestnutt tooled up for an armed robbery’.
– Irish Times

‘Curiously elegant confessionals from one of the UK’s most criminally under-rated talents; make room in your heart for this peculiar, but highly likeable man’.

‘Nostalgia’s not what it used to be…
Imagine a surreal episode of My Two Dads where said fathers are Jarvis Cocker and David Bowie, who bully their child into liking them and everything they like, like glam stomp, kitchen sink vignettes, mordantly witty lyrics, nostalgia, dreams and a sneer, and you‘re ready for Vinny Peculiar, Manchester’s premier forward thinking backward looking song smith.’

‘“Confessions of a Sperm Donor” begins with the wonderful couplet “I used to be a feminist, I used to be a freak. Sold my sperm for bus fare I got £15 a week” – and indeed lyrically the album is devastatingly funny and moving almost right the way through’
– Big Issue

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