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RELEASE DATE : Oct 28th2019


12” Vinyl [includes download code], Digi Pack CD & Download

SIde 1
Vote for Me
Pop Music For Ugly People
Diane Abbott Takes A Selfie
Culture Vulture
Ministry Of Fate
Side 2
Art & Poverty
Question Time
Man Out Of Time
Let Them Take Drugs

‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN’, the new Vinny Peculiaralbum [his thirteenth] is a noisy hard rock affair with big drums, wild guitar solos and trippy Floyd like excursions, it’s an intense unsentimental record by VP standards. Notable influences include Gang of Four, Talking Headsand early 70s hard/glam rock, lyrical themes include political vanity, news black outs, cultural betrayals and a song about class A drugs as a form of political oppression…

Atmospheric piano led album opener ‘Vote for Me’is an emotive plea for support for what we’re never quite sure. ‘Pop Music for Ugly People’[updated from the show business quote of old] is a frenzied exploration of political opportunism and personal greed. ‘Dianne Abbot Takes A Selfie’explores the vanity of public life, self-promotion and the lure of social media. Culture Vultureis a Led Zeppelininfluenced hard rock affair with a Screw Youchorus of disapproval.‘Question Time’s jangle guitars and semi spoken vocal tells the story of a missing female politician from the perspective of a suspect under interrogation. ‘Man Out of Time’ is in more familiar VP territory, recalling the glam rock days of Vinny’s youth with striking couplets ‘Richard Stilgoe, Donny & Marie, Bri-nylon sheets and a chain mail bikini,its anthemic pastiche starts in 1972 and ends in 1976…

WHILE YOU STILL CAN is an expansive hard rock record from a writer pushing the boundaries of influence, breaking away from expectation and always moving forward. Ex Parlour Flames rhythm section Che Beresford[drums] and Ollie Collins[bass] provide the glue that binds the vision alongside regulars Rob Steadman [keys] & Leah Walch [backing vocals]  Production by Dave Draper[Return of the Native, tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,10] & David Marsden[Silver Meadows tracks 7,8,9].



4th May 2018
1 The Grove & The Ditch
2 Malvern Winter Gardener
3 Blackpole
4 Golden City
5 Return of the Native
6 A Girl From Bromsgrove Town
7 Singing Schoolteacher
8 Detroitwich
9 On Rainbow Hill
10 David Swan Riverman
11 Game Over

UK based singer-songwriter Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes] has been variously described as “an under-sung national treasure” (UNCUT Magazine) and “the missing link between Jarvis Cocker and Roger McGough” His various bands have included ex members of The Smiths, OASIS, The Fall & Aztec Camera and he’s collaborated with Bill Drummond and Luke Haines. ‘Return of the Native’ is his fourteenth studio album; eleven songs inspired by his return to Worcestershire roots after many years a northern wag.

Glam rock inspired opener ‘The Grove & The Ditch’ is all local gang rivalries Rocky Horror misfits and Tony Blackburn’s infamous radio breakdown moment, pummelling guitars a walls of feedback and old school stomping and chanting prevail..

The effervescently jangling ‘Malvern Winter Gardener’ is tribute to ‘Malvern Winter Gardens’, home to many a classic rock show of Vinny’s youth, a faded rock star narrator relives the glory days long gone.

In ‘Blackpole’ a battle re enactor comes to an untimely end before returning as a ghost to haunt his ex…

‘Return of The Native’ is stuffed full of Peculiars trade mark lyrical absurdity; in Detroitwich rap legend Eminem, after boarding the wrong plane, ends up in the midlands where he is abducted by the mob before P Diddy comes to the rescue…

The gently poigiant Singing Schoolteacher pays tribute to 70’s MOR pop singer Clifford T Ward, a Worcestershire native who taught Vinny in the early 1970s…

The album ends with ‘Game Over’, a most poignant finale; the song charts the end of a relationship to moving effect

Musically ‘Return of the Native’ is the folk pop rock record Pulp never made, a warped storyteller’s record, and one that will surely resonate with fans of Ray Davies, Eels and Robyn Hitchcock. Vinny Peculiar writes of transition and readjustment, this is a record about change and re engagement,  the past and the present and how they collude and collide in the imagination. Pre order ‘Return of the Native’ here

Vinny Peculiar
Return of the Native
[CD, Vinyl, Download]
S&D Records
4th May 2018
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Vinny Peculiar 

‘The Fairer Sex’ EP 17.2.17

I Came Back As A Girl

1 I Came Back As A Girl

2 House Of Girls

3 No Reply

4 Trial By Lingerie

The Fairer Sex EP is a gender-linked identity confused sexually deviant positively humiliating four-track collection of songs from UK outsider artist poet and songwriter Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes].

‘I Came Back As A Girl’, is an identity switching fantasy of reincarnation, a transitional re awakening…

‘House of Girls’ from the webcams of desire to the Jacuzzi’s of the absurd with Hefner, String-fellow and the usual suspects…

‘No Reply’ a gentle plaintive piano ballad, simply sadness loss and resignation… watch the video here

‘Trial by Lingerie’ a lighthearted look at male humiliation in an M&S Lingerie department, oh dear….


[Fables from the Institution]
Track Listing



1 The Institution
2 Everyone Has Something To Say
3 This Is What I Do Now
4 The Saviour Of Challenging Behaviour
5 Community Care
6 Hospital Wing
7 Room Management
8 Silver Meadows
9 Albert
10  Self Help Skills Unit
11 Gerald The Porter
12 The Wednesday Club
13 Waiting Games
14 The Back Wards

UK based Singer Songwriter and Poet Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes] variously described as ‘An undersung National Treasure’ [UNCUT Magazine] and ‘The missing link between Ray Davis and Roger McGough’ [Irish Times] releases his thirteenth studio ‘concept album’ inspired by working [he’s a former nurse] and visiting [his schizophrenic ] in long-stay mental health & learning disability hospitals during the 1980s and early 90s. Songs address the isolation and separateness of lives lived in an Institution, fear of change, community care, back-ward misdemeanors and meaningless ‘training’ activities. In pursuit of normalization people are moving on, lives are changing but not always for the better

‘The Wednesday Club’ is a love story set in the hospital disco that ends in separation and tragedy. ‘Silver Meadows’ welcomes a returning patient unable to make it in the outside world. In ‘Waiting Games’ psychology student Beth Williams is on the precipice of a discovery – she’s working with Jason a long stay patient with multiple disabilities and he’s fallen for her – but no one realizes the extent of his ‘locked in’ intelligence. In ‘Room Management’ grown ups are taught how to fit plastic shapes into boxes, a  futile exercise in controlled occupation without purpose. When mild mannered Psychologist Andy Merritt ‘The Saviour Of Challenging Behaviour’ arrives at the Institution and its all change, his vision shakes up the old guard and leaves a powerful legacy of social liberation. Andy’s song gently chimes for  freedom. ‘Hospital Wing’ is beautiful in its understated sadness; a young man awaits his impending death with a dignity beyond his years. Closing track The Back Wards sets Institutional abuse to a sound track of harrowing atmospheric Floydian guitars…’You better behave or they’ll send you away, send you away to the back wards’.

In SILVER MEADOWS Wilkes, so often labeled quintessentially English has created his most accessible and musically engaging record to date with poignant songwriting, heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and incisive tragi-comic observations. Musically we get a more socially engaged Divine Comedy, the plaintive simplicity of EELS and the storytelling panache of Ray Davies.

Vinny will be touring SILVER MEADOWS in the UK with full band shows to coincide with the album release, details n dates to follow – listen to album samplers below, pre order/buy the album here


‘Down The Bright Stream’


Track Listing
1 English Village
2 Catalogue Trousers
3 I Only Stole What I Needed
4 Egocentric Man
5 Girl at the Bar
6 Big Pigeon
7 Antony Gormley
8 The King of Pop is Dead
9 Floating Away
10 The Saddest Summer of Samuel S
11The Doo Kum Inn

‘Down The Bright Stream’ is Manchester singer songwriter Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes] 10th studio album. Story based song vignettes; poetic monologues and intimate folk-centric ballads engage and reflect throughout, Vinny’s acutely observed lyricism remaining at the fore ‘English Village’ hints at preservation society era Kinks whilst PULP like teen tale ‘Catalogue Trousers’ recalls a bygone significance of the mail order catalogue industry. ‘Antony Gormley’ pokes pythonesque fun at the Iron Men on Crosby Beach. ‘The DooKumInn’ tells the tale of a short-lived 70s boutique in the village he grew up in. ‘Down The Bright Stream’ is nostalgic, poignant, self-deprecating and gently subversive with special guest appearance from legendary PIL bassist Jah Wobble.

DTBS is currently streaming on soundcloud

UK based musician and poet Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes] has been variously described as – ‘An under sung national treasure’ [UNCUT Magazine 2014] – a warm hearted Morrissey [Q Magazine 2014] and the missing link between Jarvis Cocker and Roger McGough [Irish Times 2014]. He’s released eleven albums of outsider pop music to great critical acclaim and a new album release ‘Down The Bright Stream’ on his own Shadrack & Duxbury Records comes out March 30th 2015.

Peculiar has collaborated with Bill Drummond [KLF, SOUP ART] on a series of house concerts, he’s worked as an artist in residence [Belfast Cathedral Arts Festival], and his various bands have included ex members of The Smiths, OASIS, Aztec Camera & The Fall. Live shows herald comparisons to the likes of Eels, John Cooper Clarke and the more pastoral elements of The Kinks He’s a veteran of many European and US dates opening for British Sea Power, Edwyn Collins and Luke Haines amongst others and a former compere on the Glastonbury Acoustic Stage.

Vinny Peculiar songs make you laugh and cry and think all at the same time…TOM ROBINSON BBC 6Music

‘A well-measured introduction to an under sung national treasure’ UNCUT MAGAZINE

‘The missing link between Jarvis Cocker and poet Roger McGough and some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Wreckless Eric’ IRISH TIMES

This fifteen-track album from the Salford based singer songwriter is frankly, unmissable. A real joy. AMERICANA- UK

Crashing poppily through Vinnys world of nostalgia and insight every song stuffed to the gills with melody and eccentricity, clever, funny and wonderfully weird’ R2 MAGAZINE

‘If Tony Hancock had made pop records they’d have sounded like this’ UNCUT MAGAZINE

vin012v2VP01 VP04 vp03

‘The Root Mull Affect’
A CHERRY RED retrospective

Root Mull Affect
Release date – 10th March 2014

Salford based singer songwriter Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes] releases an album of out takes & remixes entitled ‘The Root Mull Affect; the fifteen track collection cherry picks across a decade and a half of recordings. Its the perfect way to make his acquaintance and will be his 10th album release and the first to include remixes and re recordings of older songs.

Vinny has worked with Bill Drummond [SOUP ART] Tom Robinson [Video Art] and Luke Haines [Outsider Art] and his various bands have included former members of The Smiths, Oasis, Aztec Camera and The Fall. He’s played all kinds of stages in poetry and song and is a former MC on the Glastonbury Acoustic Stage. He’s a respected writer of dour yet playful lyrical songs that run deeper than first impressions might suggest.

‘Confessions of a Sperm Donor’ is a tragi-comic masterpiece with its money for old rope chorus of un-be known possibilities. ‘A Vision’ recounts an hallucinogenic day in the life when John Cooper Clarke joined The Beatles. There’s a live studio acoustic recording of ‘Sometimes I Feel Like King’, and a live band version of ‘Everlasting Teenage Bedroom’ [with Smiths rhythm section Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce] and a new mix of the old favourite ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’. Comparisons to Ray Davies, Neil Hannon and Jarvis Cocker are regularly cited in dispatches. ‘The Root Mull Affect’ is an engaging intriguing and accessible collection from one England’s finest outsider independents. If you enjoy rich melodic art-pop songs that are just a bit different with great lyrics that tell stories and pain.


1 A Vision
2 Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
3 Man About the House
4 Flatter And Deceive
5 Confessions of a Sperm Donor
6 Sometimes I Feel Like A King
7 Lazy Bohemians
8 Dirty Weekend
9 Everlasting Teenage Bedroom
10 The Hairdressers
11 Time For Bed
12 Playing on the Pier
13 Egg Incident
14 My Generation [I said goodbye]
15 Judy Wood

 020 8996 3120 / 0779 0871

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Assorted Press Quotes

‘Wry wit, incisive observations, touching humanity, and a 60s suburban English cultural sensibility (his label’s named from kitchen sink escapism drama Billy Liar), summoning comparisons to not only Ray Davies, but Babybird,  Jarvis Cocker, and Morrissey’
-Mike Davies

‘If Tony Hancock had made pop records they’d have sounded like this’
– UNCUT MAGAZINE – Simon Goddard

‘A songwriter who deserves to be taken seriously’
Q Magazine – Jon Aizlewood

‘When you listen to a Vinny Peculiar album you cannot help but think that you have come across his diary and as you sit and read it you feel both uncomfortable and wonderful all at once. His music is littered with the complex and yet everyday emotions that the masses go through and it is reassuring to know that we are not alone in our ponderings and self-analytical behaviour.’

‘Songwriting’s Angel of the Odd, Vinny Peculiar is like a celestial observer of the small, unseen dramas of daily life, delicate and delightful’.
– MEN Reviews

‘Like Vic Chestnutt tooled up for an armed robbery’.
– Irish Times

‘Curiously elegant confessionals from one of the UK’s most criminally under-rated talents; make room in your heart for this peculiar, but highly likeable man’.

‘Nostalgia’s not what it used to be…
Imagine a surreal episode of My Two Dads where said fathers are Jarvis Cocker and David Bowie, who bully their child into liking them and everything they like, like glam stomp, kitchen sink vignettes, mordantly witty lyrics, nostalgia, dreams and a sneer, and you‘re ready for Vinny Peculiar, Manchester’s premier forward thinking backward looking song smith.’

‘“Confessions of a Sperm Donor” begins with the wonderful couplet “I used to be a feminist, I used to be a freak. Sold my sperm for bus fare I got £15 a week” – and indeed lyrically the album is devastatingly funny and moving almost right the way through’
– Big Issue