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Down The Bright Stream

Track Listing

1 English Village

2 Catalogue Trousers

3 I Only Stole What I Needed

4 Egocentric Man

5 Girl At The Bar

6 Big Pigeon

7 Antony Gormley

8 The King of Pop

9 Floating Away

10 The Saddest Summer of Samuel S

11 The DooKumInn

Part Pulp, part Kinks, and very much part Peculiar, this is observational, punk-tinged songwriting at its best. 4/5 IRISH TIMES

“Down The Bright Stream” is a heartbreaker, packed with songs of reminiscence, teleporting you (like Jeff Goldblum’s lucky baboon) into some bizarre version of rural England’ The Big Takeover 9/10

‘We are not exploring the great questions of life and our existence but taking an angled observation of the absurdity and idiosyncrasy of life in England’ Americana-UK 9/10