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Growing Up With Vinny Peculiar


1. Girl in the Call Centre
2. I work for God
3. Confessions of a Sperm Doctor
4. Everlasting Teenage Bedroom
5. We Tried To Drown Our Music Teacher in 1974
6. Root Mull
7. We didn’t paint our nails when we fought the Germans
8. Replica Shirt
9. I’m too sad to tell You
10. 24
11. Punk Rock Dreaming
12. Egg incident

‘A treasure trove of timeless pop brilliance, Growing Up never felt so satisfying’ **** BIG ISSUE
‘Heartily recommended for fans of homespun British tunesmithery in the Robyn Hitchcock/Martin Newell vein — wry nostalgia, witty wordplay, copious guitar jangle. We’re reminded of the early Baby Bird collections, and that’s a compliment- Rolling Stone
‘Boasting the best song title of the year this side of Morrissey (a toss-up between “We Didn’t Paint Our Nails When We Fought The Germans” and “We Tried To Drown Our MusicTeacher In 1974’ the fourth album from mordant Manc Vinny Peculiar plays like Adrian Mole: The Opera, scored by Leonard Cohen- UNCUT MAGAZINE