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Ironing the Soul


1. Flatter and Deceive
2. Suicide Dad
3. Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
4. One Great Artist
5. Forgive Me
6. Operation
7. Dirty Weekend
8. Mr Low
9. A Beautiful Woman in Public Sector Management
10. My Father the Organist

‘Like Vic Chestnutt tooled up for an armed robbery’ **** Irish Times
‘Musical poetry personified’ **** LOGO MAGAZINE
‘If Tony Hancock had made pop records they’d have sounded like this’ **** UNCUT MAGAZINE
‘If you’re fond of pithy British wordsmiths such as Jarvis Cocker, Luke Haines and – especially – Steven Jones of Baby Bird, then the chances are Vinny will be your bag’ ****W&H

Produced by Rob Ferrier, recorded at HUG studios directly above the Space Station, Liverpool.