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1. Billy Fisher
2. War All The Time
3. Evil Nature
4. Uncomfortable
5. Drug Death
6. Bambi Jehovah
7. Payback Time
8. Toys
9. The Last Day of School
10. God Spot
11. Swimming Trunks
12. Experience
13. Where Are You Now?
14. Going Back To The Moon

Recorded in a “cathartic fit of despair” at home on a four-track over the winter of 2000/ 2001, VINNY PECULIAR’S second album “Non-Compliance” is something of a departure and certainly a rugged route march away from the sardonically catchy guitar pop he’s moulded into his own image over the past few years. Alone, intimate and almost voyeuristically personal, the 14 songs here are stark exercises in minimalism, delivered by Vinny in monologue style, with usually only the sparest of keyboard frills for company. Aside from a little textural work on “God Spot”, no guitars are detectable at all and the early hours confessional style recalls the maverick likes of John Cale, Julian Cope and Baby Bird’s Steven Jones. W&H