Thornton Plus

We had a lovely little gig at Thornton Hough last night, so good to catch up with friends and supporters, music fans, such a lovely rich array of people in one of my all time favourite venues it had been a long time coming. Eighteen months to be exact. Its nice to think we are heading back towards something like normal but I suspect the road will be long and complex. Around twenty people who bought tickets didn’t show, some … Read More >>

Thornton Gig 24th July 2021

Its been a long time coming but we are finally getting back to playing live this coming Saturday 24th July at Thornton Hough Village Club, Wirral which is such a great little venue and will be the first new band show we’ve done since getting together a few months ago. This means breaking out the effects pedals the new SG and making more of a racket than usual. The set will change accordingly and we’re all really looking forward to … Read More >>

Finishing Lines

New album working title ‘Artists Only’ is almost mixed and ready and to master, I spent a couple of days this last week tweaking and revising little parts, more guitars replaced and revisited, Matt Culpepper doing ever such a fabulous job on the sonic details and arrangements. And I really need a new bass as mine seems to have a bad case of pops and hiss, anyway, I replayed some at Matts so all good, and we’re nearly there which … Read More >>

All Back To Matts Place

Well its taken forever but I’m finally back at Future Primate Studio end of the week to finish the new album currently titled ‘Artists Only’ [like the Talking Heads song I hear you say and you’d be right]. I have done some of the work on this album remotely but I wanted to wait and do the more hands on stuff with Matt for these final mixes. Under normal circumstances this record would have come out by now but I’m … Read More >>

GONE – 2021 re release

Some good news…after some twenty three years GONE, the debut Vinny Peculiar album from 1998 gets a digital re release, initially via BAND-CAMP and coming to all the major platforms including Spotify April 9th. It took awhile to track down a copy as it sold out many years ago but luckily my good friend Pete Doyle found a copy in his loft and dutifully forwarded. Thanks Pete. Its been a little odd listening to it once again after such … Read More >>

Happy New Year Sale

The Vinny Peculiar New Years merchandise sale rolls on until 31st of Jan so if you fancy discovering the back catalogue or finally acquiring the new album on Vinyl now the time, please do feel free to investigate. On the new album front things have been understandably delayed by lockdown and I’m expecting to return to the Future Primate Studio mixing desk once we are able to do so. Some tracks I can do remotely but others I really … Read More >>

Christmas Sale

Seasons greetings everyone I hope you’re all set for a memorable one and this horrendous pandemic will be well and truly beaten by this time next year, lets hope we can get back to something like normal in the not too distant future. In the meantime, once again we are having a Christmas sale here at Peculiar Towers with super cheap CDs Vinyl and postcards, the sale runs until 31st Jan so please feel free to investigate. On the … Read More >>


A brand new live Vinny Peculiar mini album LOOT comes out Nov 6th 2020, a cause for celebration here at Peculiar towers as its the first live record I’ve ever put out. It still feels a bit odd to have spent three hours in a recording studio and to emerge with a fully formed record.  LOOT was recorded at The Old Cider Press Studio in Evesham by Pershore rock guru in chief Dave Draper on a Sunday morning in September … Read More >>


After sitting on the idea for longer than I expected to the PECULIARITIES compilation is now available exclusively via BANDCAMP. The nineteen tracks include selected home demos, alternative versions of songs and unreleased tracks some of which were originally recorded under various guises including  First Real Targets, GGG, Vinny Peculiar & Parlour Flames. This is my second retrospective release and it feels good to be able to share music from another time. The oldest of the songs here ‘Shock … Read More >>

New Band Debut

Live band performance here with Loz Ruston [guitar] Joe Singh [drums] & Pete Mann [bass] from our Wedding Present curated Edge of the Sofa festival filmed at Paradiddles Cafe in Worcester.  ‘A Bigger Splash’ [the title stolen from a David Hockney’s classic series of paintings] will feature on the new Vinny Peculiar album More Songs About Music & Art due March 2021.


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